Ankles Injuries Leave Several NFL Players Feeling the Pain


Ankles Injuries Leave Several NFL Players Feeling the Pain

November 13, 2013
Peyton ManningThree big name NFL stars suffered ankle injuries in Week 10. Peyton Manning, Jay Cutler and Mike James were all left walking a little more gingerly following their latest games, and at least one of the injuries will sideline a player for the remainder of the year. Below, we break down their injuries.
Peyton Manning – Manning is the most recognizable name on this list, and the frontrunner for league MVP has been battling ankle pains for a few weeks now. His previous injuries were exacerbated when he took a low shot from Chargers lineman Corey Liuget near the end of the game. Manning hobbled a bit after the play, but he remained in the game. Manning underwent an MRI on his right ankle on Monday, but the results showed nothing more than an aggravation of his previous ankle injury. Manning has already stated that he will play Week 11 against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.
Jay Cutler – Cutler valiantly returned from a groin tear early than expected to face off against division-foe Detroit, but he was unable to finish the game after suffering a left ankle injury. After the game, the team announced that Cutler suffered a high ankle sprain that will keep him out of Sunday’s contest against the Ravens. He is considered week-to-week with the high ankle sprain, which means Cutler likely suffered a Grade I high ankle sprain. A Grade I sprain is categorized by mild partial disruptions of one of the lateral ligaments connecting the tibia to the fibula. The good news for Cutler is that stress tests show that the ankle is stable in Grade I sprains, meaning the injury should be fully healed in a matter of weeks.
Mike James – After Doug Martin with down with a torn labrum, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers turned to Mike James to handle the running back duties. James looked like he could handle the role, as he rushed for 158 yards in Week 9. The Miami Dolphins were expected to get a full dose of James on Monday Night Football, but James suffered an ankle injury as he was trying to cross the goalline. James stayed down on the ground for a few minutes, which led many people to speculate that the injury was quite severe. He was taken to the locker room, where initial X-rays revealed that he suffered a fractured left ankle. The Buccaneers haven’t announced if James will go under the knife.
Dr. Silverman spoke about James’ injury:
“Ankle fractures can be treated both surgically and non-operatively. You might think a fractured ankle will recover quicker if you simply rest it for a few weeks, but you’d be wrong. A surgically treated fracture can heal in as quickly as four weeks, while patients who forgo surgery usually take 8-10 weeks to heal. Surgery does increase the likelihood of infection, but the majority of the time that is not an issue.
I inform my patients that surgery will likely get them back on their feet quicker, but if they have reservations, I have no problem shifting them to a non-operative rehab schedule. It’s important to learn what’s important to your patient.
In James’ case, he might heal quicker if he has surgery, but he won’t be able to return to the field this season. Football players, especially running backs, rely on quick turns and twists, so he’d be putting much more torque on his ankle than the average patient. It will take him at least a few months to return to playing shape, and the Bucs are already out of the playoff picture, so we won’t see James until next year’s training camp. He was an exciting player to watch in his short time on the field, so I hope he has a speedy and full recovery.”
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