«Can I run?»


knows all medical workers that work with runners have to 

answer the question; «Can I run?» It is often answered 

differently. Here is a good one from a favorite PT.

When Can I Run? postinjuryrunning.com

This is a question all physical therapists have to answer when we treat injured runners. We all answer it differently.

When Can I Start Running Again? Key Considerations Before Returning to Running After Injury

Tue, Jan 17, 2012 / by Chris Johnson“>Chris Johnson
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A friend of mine recently sought orthopedic consultation for recalcitrant left knee pain, which set in this past June after completing a half ironman. The orthopedist diagnosed him with patellar tendonitis and advised him to refrain from running until he was able to climb stairs pain-free. Following this advice, my friend took a break from running and diligently iced his knee. After a few weeks, he found that his knee was actually feeling better to the point where he was able to negotiate stairs without issue. He was excited because this apparently meant that he was ready to run. I remember speaking with him before his first outing and immediately grew wary of the situation when he told me that he was going to “try” running. Anytime someone uses the phrase “try running” after injury, I know disaster is imminent. Inevitably, his knee pain resurfaced landing him back at square one while further prolonging his recovery. Knowing that I am a physical therapist, who specializes in the care of endurance athletes, he asked me how I know when an injured runner is able to return to training.